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Biothane® Fi compatible collar - Quick release

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Spice up your Fi adventures with our biothane Fi compatible collars! They are stink proof, water proof, and stain resistant. Easy to install and you can charge the unit without having to take it off. Our quick-release buckle allows for easy on and off. Please note: This version is a fixed size and is NOT adjustable. Keep this in mind when measuring your dog's neck. Refer to our FAQ section on how to measure properly.

The collar has biothane all around the neck to prevent any irritation that can be caused by the unit and provide a more secure option. *Smaller sizes (<16") will have shorter straps holding the unit in place.

*Matte black hardware is coated and more prone to scratching.

Sizing guide:


How to swap out your unit to our collars:

Series 2

Series 3



Care information

While biothane is durable, our hardware can take a beating. Please limit exposure to harsh elements such as salt water to ensure a long life for your gear.

To clean your products, a little soap and water should do the trick. Stubborn stains should come off with a little rubbing alcohol.

Brass hardware may tarnish over time and can be brought back to life with ketchup or other brass polishers.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for my pup

I already had your leash, which has held up very well for more than a year and will probably last a lifetime. I got a Fi to be able to find my dog if she runs off after a critter, as we're out in the country without a fence. The collar that came with the Fi was too bulky and the color choices weren't to my liking. I got your made-to-measure collar with the metal buckle, in colors to match the leash. Very classy. Clearly will last and will look good for a very long time.
One caution: It's a little tricky to charge the Fi on its base. I have to bend the collar to make a space between it and the Fi, then slide the base in the middle, then set this sandwich on top of a can so the ends of the collar dangle at the sides. This ensures a good contact between Fi and base so it'll charge.


Love the color & the material! I wished I put my dogs name on the collar. Definitely would buy again from the company!


High quality materials and beautiful craftsmanship