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Spotted Nose Designs

Chain & Biothane leash

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Got a pup who loves to chew their leash? Or maybe you just simply want cool gear when taking your dog on a walk. Enter our chain leashes. 3 feet of steel chain paired with a bolt clasp at the end. 

When choosing your length, keep in mind the 3 ft. of chain. The remainder of the length will be biothane. 

*Matte black hardware is coated and more prone to scratching.


Biothane, Stainless steel

Care information

While biothane is durable, our hardware can take a beating. Please limit exposure to harsh elements such as salt water to ensure a long life for your gear.

To clean your products, a little soap and water should do the trick. Stubborn stains should come off with a little rubbing alcohol.

Brass hardware may tarnish over time and can be brought back to life with ketchup or other brass polishers.