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NEW! Water Frog Design eTray Enrichment Tray for Dogs


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Hop on up to a better enrichment experience for you and your dog. The Water Frog etray promotes healthy slower eating, giving you peace of mind and giving your dog a peaceful belly. The Water Frog etray marries the benefits of lick mats with the benefits of slow feeder bowls. ENRICHMENT: The Water Frog etray promotes slower eating and improves digestions. Perfect for all size dogs including puppies. BENEFITS The Water Frog etray is perfect for serving wet and dry foods together without making a mess. You can combine foods together or separate them in the individual chambers of the design. The depth of the Water Frog etray is ideal for serving raw meals (consult veterinarian). The Water Frog etray can be used for snacks or for meals. The Water Frog design features different heights and depths imitating more natural eating conditions and putting your dogs natural foraging instincts to the test. Ideal for flat nosed dogs like bully breeds that may struggle with deeper bowls.


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