How do I measure my pet's neck?

Using a tape measure, measure where your pet's collar would normally sit. Make sure it's not too tight or too loose. Please do not add or subtract any measurements to this size. 

What is the head size?

For our martingale or slip on collars, head size is important so that you can slip the collars on and off. Measure the widest part of your dogs head following the same steps above.

What size should I get for my collar?

Our collars are custom made to the measurement entered when ordering, this is why it's so important to make sure you measure correctly. We make the collars with 2" on either side of the neck measurement. For example, a collar for an 18" neck would be 16"-20" total. 

Can I return my order?

Please read our return policy for more information.

My order has shipped but I haven't received it.

Once your order is dropped off with USPS or UPS, it is out of our hands. There is insurance included with the orders so if you have any issues please reach out and file a claim with the appropriate delivery service. Please make sure that your address is correct when placing your order. We cannot provide refunds for orders that say delivered but are missing, lost orders, or orders not delivered by your delivery service. 

Can I see some more photos of products?

We post lots of photos with our products in use on our instagram and facebook pages. 

What length should I put the extra handle?

It all depends on preference and what your needs are. A lot of people choose to add it at the bottom for more control.  

When will my order ship?

As all of our items are handmade and made to order, it's hard for us to give a ship date. Our turnaround times are always listed at the top of our website. If we anticipate a significant delay in that time, we'll reach out and let you know. Otherwise, you'll receive an email with tracking information as soon as your order is ready to ship. Please note there is no way for us to give individualized updates as you order is processed. We know you're excited to receive your order (as are we!) but please bear with us as I am only one person making all of the biothane gear. We promise the wait is worth it!

What happens if something breaks?

We do our best to source the best hardware for our gear, but unfortunately sometimes things break. If this is the case, please reach out to us and we will try to get it repaired promptly. Limited lifetime warranty does not apply if gear was used improperly or for normal wear and tear.

Turnaround times:

Our turnaround times refer to the time it may take for your order to be shipped. It does not include shipping times. We do our best to get your orders out to you as soon as we can, but unfortunately we can't mass produce our gear so it takes a little more time for us to make it.

What hardware should I choose?

We try to source the best materials we can find to be durable and look good, but we are limited to what is available on the market. As stated on our product pages, black hardware is coated and will scratch much easier than the other metals. We try to use powder coated materials with our black hardware whenever available. Even so, it will still wear away much easier. Black hardware is best for lightly used products. Our brass hardware is solid brass and can oxidize and tarnish. This can transfer to lighter colored materials. Brass hardware can be polished with a brass polishing solution. Our silver hardware is either sterling silver or plated nickel. Our rose gold and neochrome hardware is coated nickel. These may scratch in time but are more resistant than black hardware.

Why is there an up-charge on some colors?

We want to provide you with the most color options when it comes to your gear, so we pre-order limited edition colors. Those colors are pre-ordered in large quantities and cost more as they're provided as custom colors. Our list of colors has grown significantly but once we are out of stock, they will most likely stay out of stock unless the opportunity arises to reorder. Our current limited edition colors are:

  • Arctic Wolf
  • Avocado
  • Blossom
  • Blue steel
  • Champagne
  • Crimson
  • Desert sand
  • Emerald
  • Forget Me Not
  • Into the Woods
  • Glacier
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Lemonade
  • Mahogany
  • Mauve
  • Papaya
  • Peach Cobbler
  • Rose
  • Spearmint