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Farm Hounds

Farm Hounds - Beef Backstrap


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Transparently sourced from 100% pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle, these dehydrated chews are highly digestible, humanely raised, and support regenerative agriculture.
  • Great medium chew for all dog sizes!
  • Tallow on the tendons is a perfect motivator for picky chewers!
  • Great for cleaning teeth and gums!
  • Full of collagen (great for your dog's skin and joints).

What is backstrap?The backstrap is a long tendon that runs along the back/spine of the cow. Once dehydrated, it makes for a durable/chewy product that is similar to the Beef Flexor Tendon.

Made in the USA: We are proud to work with American family farms committed to raising animals in the best way possible.

All chewing should be supervised, especially when your dog is trying something for the first time. When giving chews that have dehydrated bone, you want to make sure the dog has the jaw strength and patience to chew/crush the bones before consuming. If a sharp edge or inappropriate chewing behavior is ever discovered, we recommend removing the chew for safety reasons.

Keep in a cool/dry place. Our dehydrated products are free of preservatives and pesticides, and although it is very uncommon, bugs and mold (from added moisture) are your two culprits for causing trouble.

For chews and hides, especially after a chewing session, avoid sealing them in plastic or containers that can trap moisture. Allow the chew to air out and store in a cool/dry place.

For longer storage, the freezer can be a great way to keep our products fresh, and away from bugs and pest that might show interest.


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