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Native Pet

Native Pet - THE DAILY: 7oz

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Native Pet's The Daily: an everyday super supplement for dogs! Our all-in-one powder provides eleven essential benefits that tackle the most common ailments of our pets including: mobility, energy, gut health, and skin and coat issues. Packed with active ingredients, The Daily provides snout-to-tail wellness for a lifetime of tail wags. - 11 benefits in one delicious scoop: mobility, gut health, skin & coat, energy, inflammation, seasonal allergies, bladder, immune health, heart health, cognition - 12 active ingredients: including 5x the actives compared to leading soft chews - Super supplement for dogs of all ages: 1 daily scoop = a lifetime of benefits - Tasty supplement: We've put it to the taste test, and dogs prefer Native Pet's Daily super supplement, every time - Keep your dog healthy & strong: The Daily makes every day, Around the Bowl NutritionTM easy and tasty for your dog


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